Hashtag basics: Why they work, and why they fail →

Those of you who use Twitter no doubt have seen and probably used a hashtag.

Hashtags are the letters that follow the # sign in a tweet and are, according to Twitter, “used to mark keywords or topics in a tweet.” Twitter users—not the inventors of the social network—created the hashtag.

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But hashtags aren’t appropriate for every tweet. It’s important to know when to use one, and how to treat a hashtag!

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At CreativeMornings/LosAngeles, Sonja Rasula speaks about founding UNIQUE LA and creating a destination for all things made in America. In this talk, Sonja shares her passion for bringing locally-made designs and art to the masses.

A big thank you to The Dieline for sponsoring the event and Mosaic for hosting.

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Fashion Night Spreads to More Cities →


The annual shopping event will take place in 19 markets worldwide, and in multiple cities in countries such as Greece, Brazil, and Italy.  For More

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8 Tips To Maximize Your Brand’s YouTube Presence →

Don’t let your brand get lost in the YouTube universe!

8 Tips To Maximize Your Brands YouTube Presence
Creating an account on YouTube is simple, and building a channel for your brand is quick and easy. But at a time when most brand managers know the potential of this video-hosting medium, it’s not enough to simply have a presence.  read more…

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White House Pushes 'Made in USA' →


The Obama administration has placed the fashion industry squarely in the middle of its initiative to bring manufacturing jobs back to the U.S.

The push is part of a Made in America campaign being promoted by U.S. trade officials from coast to coast.  [Subscription Required For Images & More]

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3 Twitter Rumors and What They Could Mean for Brands →


Twitter is making a big push this year to become more attractive to advertisers!

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AmfAR Gala to Honor Robert Duffy, Fergie →


Robert Duffy, Marc Jacobs International and the singer Fergie will be honored at the amfAR Inspiration Gala on June 7 at the New York Public Library.  For more

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